International Moving Services - Halifax, Nova Scotia

Moving abroad can be the most exciting or most stressful time in your life. Thompson's International Relocation service is designed to allow you to focus on the exciting aspects of moving abroad.  

Let our professional moving specialists arrange the details of your international move, giving yourself time to enjoy the experience of your exciting new journey!  Thompson's International moving team will take inventory of you belongings and calculate the cost, timing, and logistics of your move.  We make sure that the belongings you are taking arrive on time and on budget so you can quickly get re-established in your new home.

International moves are each unique in that there are different protocols and documents required depending on which country you are moving to.  With that being the case, international moves are best handled by Thompson's experienced moving specialists.  As a member of the Allied Van Lines network, Thompson's has the ability to track and control your move worldwide.

Be sure to contact our moving specialists so we can facilitate your international move.