Office Relocation - Halifax, Nova Scotia

Whether you are moving your office to Nova Scotia, from Nova Scotia to another province, or within Halifax and surrounding areas, Thompson's has an effective office moving solution for you.

Thompson's Office Relocation team takes pride in maximizing your offices uptime.  Properly planning the move, considering the volume and types of equipment and furniture, and sending the right number of movers to efficiently move your office is key.  Our experienced office moving specialists take a proper inventory and calculate the time it will take to disassemble and reassemble desks, cubicles and any other office furniture or equipment that will take time.

In many cases, the move can be completed in a phased approach, which allows for a number of employees to remain up and running in the old location until other employees are setup in the new location.  Our moving specialists will coordinate with your management and staff to ensure a smooth transition with as much up time as possible.

For more information on Thompson's Office Relocation services, contact one of our office moving specialists today!